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  • Magento Go and ProStores Going Shutdown

    Yes you’re hearing it right. eBay Inc. the parent company of Magento Go and ProStores has declared that they are shutting down the services of Magento Go and ProStores. eBay is giving 7 months of time frame before they completely shutting down their both services. The final date is February 1, 2015. Continue Reading..!
  • Why your customer to buy from your Store?

    Find your competitive advantage online - 11 Ways to configure your new e-commerce site of the competition.

    When a new client is looking for an eCommerce website created to complement your local store is one of the first things you might do is learn what you can about the client's business. Usually, we will show a few websites that they want. But if we ask whether “Tell us what is different in your business comparative to your... Continue Reading..!
  • How to Create Magento Product Import CSV

    Now a days every eCommerce business based on Magento commerce running large inventory system requires a 3rd party services allowing them to import products, but till date many of the providers ran in trouble when they came up with large inventory import.

    Since we are a specialized services provider in Magento, we thought to help novice to get started with Magento product import csv preparation process at-least.

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  • How To Find Magento Category ID

    Having knowledge on how to find Magento category ID is very beneficial for the peoples who often have to work around with several services or requirements including but not limited to

    • Product Importing
    • Product Linking
    • Products Assigning
    • Category calls in PHTML block
    • Displaying Featured products on homepage
    • Calling products in custom PHTML file

    and even in many other requirements based on your needs.

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  • Customizing Magento Email Templates

    The templates used for transactional email are formatted with HTML and CSS, and can be easily edited. In addition, you can customize the template by adding variables and frontend apps. Many of the default email templates contain placeholder information that should be changed before any transactional email messages are sent to customers. When the template is ready to be used, make sure to update your system configuration, so the updated template will be used instead of the previous version. Continue Reading..!
  • Three things can ruin your eCommerce, and how to avoid them

    I have seen many articles on how to build and optimize your e-commerce, and I have even written about it enough. But as we know, it is always much easier to lose than win. As Jeff Bezos once said: "If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell six friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000." So I decided to do some research on customer dissatisfaction with online shopping and spent some time to analyze the reason behind this. The most common complaints of customers here is my finding listed as top 3 on.... (continued) Continue Reading..!
  • Magento now supports PHP 5.4

    Magento continues its platform ahead and recently added support for PHP 5.4. With this recent major update, developing efficient moving to PHP 5.4 offers a number of advantages , such as better performance , efficient use of memory, and access to ongoing updates and security fixes . To ensure that you can benefit from this valuable updates faster.... Continue Reading..!
  • How I can call a phtml file in Magento CMS page

    You can not call a phtml file by writing PHP code in Magento admin panel as Magento admin panel do not support this. To enable PHTML/ PHP code you can write a file called PHTML file by doing the following method
    {{ block type="core/template" name="mycstompage" template="SkyMagento/mycustompage.phtml" }}
    inside template = "" allows you to write your path. and in the name = "", you can give a good and unique name type = "", you can also write your module directory (for example: - the client..... Continue Reading..!
  • Magento SSH installation (without Sample Data)

    Using an SSH client (i.e. Putty), you can manually install Magento. Below we have shown the basic steps necessary to complete the download process. 1. wget 2. tar-zxvf magento- 3. mv . magento/ * magento/.htaccess Continue Reading..!

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