Magento now supports PHP 5.4

Magento continues its platform ahead and recently added support for PHP 5.4. With this recent major update, developing efficient moving to PHP 5.4 offers a number of advantages , such as better performance , efficient use of memory, and access to ongoing updates and security fixes .

To ensure that you can benefit from this valuable updates faster , Magento have released patches for Magento Enterprise Edition and later releases and Magento Community Edition and later releases . Magento committed that support for PHP 5.4 will be incorporated into future product releases Magento .

The Magento Enterprise Edition patches can be downloaded from the Support Patches portion of customer information and the Magento Community Edition patches can be found on the Community Edition download page . More information about applying patches is available in the Magento Knowledge Base . If you are unable to upgrade to PHP 5.4 are PHP lets you upgrade to 5.3.28 considering the latest version in the 5.3.x product line includes security fixes .

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