Three things can ruin your eCommerce, and how to avoid them

I have seen many articles on how to build and optimize your e-commerce, and I have even written about it enough. But as we know, it is always much easier to lose than win. As Jeff Bezos once said: "If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell six friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000."

So I decided to do some research on customer dissatisfaction with online shopping and spent some time to analyze the reason behind this. The most common complaints of customers

here is my finding listed as top 3 on them:

One. " On their website says ... "

Is available, it is free shipping, it's a day at home , you need ... etc. This type of complaint is unrivaled as 1 in response to dissatisfaction. And not only is the most common complaint that bothers much stronger people than anything else. Really annoying when you do not get what you expect. Always remove products that are not available at this time or mark items as “not available”. Explain the terms of payment and delivery to customers as well and if you have free shipping option, it should be free. The same day delivery to be delivered on the day, not tomorrow or the day after. The promise on your website must be done well and on time. If you do not care your store promises, make sure that the ' generous ' customers will be highly in their expressions and opinions about your business. And probably they will reward you with the correct mark on the web.

Two. Things unconscious and coarseness

Silver in my complaints assessment involves ignorance and rudeness on top of the things. This is another thing to have under control. It's so important to trust your team and their professionalism, because human interaction is one of the most important parts of our lives. Simple courtesy and professionalism of the people who are representative of your store, you can do amazing for e-commerce. Fits all your stuff that communicate directly with their customers informed about everything that is happening in their online store. Your support team should be well informed on all the discounts and all products and their properties. They should be able to provide answers and information clearly and quickly.

Three. It is all about speed

Speed ​​is an important index for its focus on customers. Customers are one who care about and appreciate their time is displayed. Watch your speed everywhere: the speed of your website, the speed of delivery and a speed that many complaints were received – speed of answering in online help, this option can be very useful and can be supported in attracting more customers for e-commerce. But if no reply from you to the customer, may be under the impression that simply ignore their customers and do not cause any attention to them. So, if you truly customer-oriented company, and care about their customers, do to feel them.

In conclusion, I can only add that it is better to lose one customer than you get 10 dissatisfied

This article was originally written by "Oleksa Oliinyk" working as Assistant Manager with WebInse LTD.





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