How to Create Magento Product Import CSV

Now a days every eCommerce business based on Magento commerce running large inventory system requires a 3rd party services allowing them to import products, but till date many of the providers ran in trouble when they came up with large inventory import.

Since we are a specialized services provider in Magento, we thought to help novice to get started with Magento product import csv preparation process at-least.

Our this article will help you to understand how to create Magento product import csv files for importing into magento community without any issue.

As an helping hand, our pre-created magento sample product import csv template file can be downloaded via DropBox or download via SkyMagento Server

Our download includes CSV files alongside with standard Microsoft Excel file with sorting options available.

As described on Magento wiki here we had short listed the important and attributes as below.

  • websites (this attribute is required to let Magento understand which website this product belongs to. This attribute is optional as long as you are not running multiple stores/ websites. You can use 'base' as a value to avoid problems)
  • attribute_set (name the internal magento attribute set. This can be default, configurable or any else available or created in your installation)
  • type (i.e. Simple, Configurable, Bundle etc. This is for the product type)
  • category_ids (place integer category ids. you can place multiple category ids using qauma seperated values if required. You can understand how to obtain category ids from here.)
  • sku
  • name
  • image (your image, small image and thumbnail requires a trailing slash in beginning than the folder name in which you are going to upload the products and afterward the image name. Make sure the filenames (with extension i.e. .jpg and .JPG is not the same) and folder names are case sensitive)
  • small_image
  • thumbnail
  • description (you can write HTML tags if needed and if supported by your theme.)
  • short_description
  • price (without currency symbol)
  • weight
  • status (enabled or disabled)
  • tax_class_id (none or either tax class name)
  • visibility ("Catalogue,Search", "Catalogue", "Search" or empty means none or can manually be set as None)
  • qty
  • product_name
  • store_id
  • product_type_id

Beside these required variables, there are couple more variables to be used during import process which can be achieved via adding short code of referenced attribute.

We hope this all helps you to achieve the process for creating product import csv for Magento.

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