How To Find Magento Category ID

Having knowledge on how to find Magento category ID is very beneficial for the peoples who often have to work around with several services or requirements including but not limited to

  • Product Importing
  • Product Linking
  • Products Assigning
  • Category calls in PHTML block
  • Displaying Featured products on homepage
  • Calling products in custom PHTML file

and even in many other requirements based on your needs.

Finding Magento category ID is a very simple 4 clicks process. Make sure to follow them carefully as below

  1. Login to Magento Admin Panel
  2. Navigate to Catalog and select Manage Categories
  3. Select your desired category name from left (this will refresh the right block with the data of selected category)
  4. On above header, see Category name : id (refer screenshot for exact location)

Example snapshot containing process and physical presentation below enables you to achieve this functionality within your Magento store.


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