Magento Go and ProStores Going Shutdown

Magento Go Shutting Down1

Magento Go and ProStores Going Shutdown

Yes you’re hearing it right. eBay Inc. the parent company of Magento Go and ProStores has declared that they are shutting down the services of Magento Go and ProStores. eBay is giving 7 months of time frame before they completely shutting down their both services. The final date is February 1, 2015.

eBay recommends merchants using Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition is also proposing BigCommerce as a solution for those who want to continue to use a hosted service.

Head of Marketing Craig Peasley stated Magento Ecommerce Bytes through a spokesman that Magento was devoted to ensure a smooth transition for merchants, and it was as smooth as possible. "We have achieved many of the options that a big transition available to these merchants. These include hosted Magento Community Edition of Magento solution partners, such as the Llama commerce, Pixafy and Neoverve and Magento Enterprise Edition also."

Magento Go Shutting Down

He said Magento picked out BigCommerce chosen as an alternative because of their shared commitment to the success of the merchant and has a documented history of expulsion of large groups of players in their programs. It has been confirmed by eBay that there’s no investment to BigCommerce, approaching $ 4 billion in GMV treated in the program.

Magento Community is open-source variant, which means that the code is accessible and editable by the public, and was the first Magento product was launched in 2007. It is not a platform for e-retailers who have just begun, stated by Peasley, but for retailers seeking flexibility and generate more than $ 500,000 in sales on the Internet. Magento Enterprise is for large e-retailers that are multi-million in sales on the Internet, said Peasley, and available on a subscription ground.

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