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  • Magento now supports PHP 5.4

    Magento continues its platform ahead and recently added support for PHP 5.4. With this recent major update, developing efficient moving to PHP 5.4 offers a number of advantages , such as better performance , efficient use of memory, and access to ongoing updates and security fixes . To ensure that you can benefit from this valuable updates faster.... Continue Reading..!
  • How I can call a phtml file in Magento CMS page

    You can not call a phtml file by writing PHP code in Magento admin panel as Magento admin panel do not support this. To enable PHTML/ PHP code you can write a file called PHTML file by doing the following method
    {{ block type="core/template" name="mycstompage" template="SkyMagento/mycustompage.phtml" }}
    inside template = "" allows you to write your path. and in the name = "", you can give a good and unique name type = "", you can also write your module directory (for example: - the client..... Continue Reading..!
  • Magento SSH installation (without Sample Data)

    Using an SSH client (i.e. Putty), you can manually install Magento. Below we have shown the basic steps necessary to complete the download process. 1. wget 2. tar-zxvf magento- 3. mv . magento/ * magento/.htaccess Continue Reading..!

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